All wine makers strive to produce a consistent, high quality product. The consistency of performance between Flextank vessels, and the availability of a wide range of oak adjuncts in the form of staves, chips, spirals, blocks etc., allow a winemaker a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity to experiment with flavor in a reproducible environment. Used as a primary fermentor and as a storage/maturation vessel, these tanks provide all barrel functions with more winemaker control, in a hygienic and long-lasting vessel made from food grade polyethylene with characteristics near that of a new barrel in oxygenation environment for wine maturation. They retain volatile flavor compounds lost from barrels and deny “Angel Share”. Sizes range from 30-570 gallons (100-1, 135 liters). In addition, fermenters 230-900 gallons and a full line of nestable harvest and storage bins are now available.

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